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charlie, computer cat

February 2019



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me - b&w

I see that the Truck lineup is up (you have to click on the guy with the sign board in the middle of the page - lame, I know). Most of the regulars are there, although no sign of Fell City Girl this year, to my disappointment - I always like my late afternoon FCG. Still, looks like fun. I haven't been to a lot of gigs this year so there's quite a few names here I only recognise from other people's reviews. I feel sure I do know Idlewild, although I can't bring any of their songs to mind right now.

My plans for this weekend include a BBQ and a picnic. Looking at the forcast, I somehow doubt that I'm going to manage that! Actually, with the remains of the post Glastonbury cold still clinging on, I'm considering just staying at home - I don't think I could face being stuck at Didcot with the railway lines flooded out and given how suceptible our public transport is to that kind of stuff, I just don't have the energy. I guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow - this has been receding so maybe I'll be more energetic tomorrow.

I'll need to be if we're going out because the house is in a bit of a state. Drying washing and tent as well as piles of to be washed and books and all the other various bits of our luggage spread across the place! And on top of that there is my course books and all the post I haven't processed yet - I got back from Glastonbury to find that I have 20 credit points from my first two courses! I was amazed that it took as long to mark my sociology course as it did for me to take and then have marked my science course! Hopefully my history exam (arg!) when I get it won't be anything like long to wait. I also got the sample paper in the post but I'm trying not to read the notes so that I can try to do the questions under timed conditions and then read over the notes and see where I need more work. Once I've got my slavery essay out of the way, that is.


Idlewild's best known song is probably 'What If You Held The World In Your Arms' from a few years ago.

On the whole, I think that makes me glad we decided on Cornbury instead, as I definitely know more of the bands there!
Truck is always quite a lot of random local bands - I don't think I've ever known more than 1/3 of the lineup - but I quite like the randomness that gives it. Its where I find new people to listen to
Although often they're local bands from other countries. Seems like there's a lot of, um, old dudes on this year.

oh, didn't you know!

Fell City Split up, I'm afraid -- Phil Fell City (and some of the others) are now The Winchell Riots -- http://www.myspace.com/thewinchellriots

Hmmm, Idlewild continues Truck's record of headliners that won't exactly set the field on fire. Still, there are some spot-outs there (yes, OK, I'm squeeing over getting to see "I was a Cub Scout" whose single I have already downloaded AT LEAST once.

Re: oh, didn't you know!

Boo! They were one of my favourites :( I guess I'll have to check out the new incarnation when I get home.
Idlewild! I like Idlewild. You might know "When I Argue I See Shapes", "Little Discourage", or "American English".

My plans for this weekend include a BBQ and a picnic. Looking at the forcast, I somehow doubt that I'm going to manage that!

Well, this is why "bbq" got revised to "house party". Although the forecast claims it is currently raining in Maidenhead, when in fact we have sunny skies, so I am starting to mistrust it.

Hope you can make it, though will understand if you stay home.