Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Good lord! An article about feminism by Zoe Williams in the Guardian online which I actually agree with! Wonders will never cease.

In other news, I've managed something I always rather hoped I would when I started this OU course - I've submitted an essay which fits exactly to the word count :) Obviously I've never done much towards this but when my final draft came up as 2001 I just had to comb through until I found a sentance I could reword to make it 2000.

Despite my worries when I came back from Glastonbury tired and sick, I've managed to get this essay in with 2 days to spare and without having to ask for an extension so I'm feeling quite proud of myself. I did 2 weeks of reading over the weekend (letting myself off from writing out proper exercise responses but otherwise fitting it all in), outlined the essay on Monday and wrote it up last night with a final polish just now before submission.

This is a bit of an experimental essay - it's not as tightly focused on the question as I usually like to write because the feedback from my previous TMAs and the notes for this one suggest that my interpretation of sticking to the question is a lot more rigorous than theirs in general. Which is fair enough, but hard to get used to.
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