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charlie, computer cat

November 2018



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well, I'm typing this on the new tiny thumb keyboard of my latest tiny PC! Yes, I finally found a UK supplier and I was unable to resist. Pics to follow. Also, I plan to flog the old one off on ebay, which will be my first time. Any tips? If I put a reserve on, will bidders see? Does anyone want it for a bargin price?

Also, Alex is safely returned from Poland and we're sprawled on the sofa together, plus I don't have to get up tomorrow and go to a tutorial so overall, life is good.


Hee! Along somewhat similar lines, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Nokia 770. :-)
So far, this is actually living up to my expectations, which I'm amazed by. I love the tiny keyboard. I haven't had a chance to play with one of those Nokias yet - let us know how you find it...
The Nokia arrived this morning, and so far I love it. This comment was written on it. :-) I definitely need to get a bluetooth keyboard for it, but I knew that.
What sort of a bargain price?
£180 and for another £10 I'll include the external battery I bought which gives another 4 hours of battery life (definitely the main weak point for the original).

If you do fancy it and want to try out and see how you get on, you can take it for a couple of weeks trial and then if it doesn't suit, hand it back and I'll reset it again.
Yeah, if I could try it that would be good - I'm very tempted but the question is whether I'd actually get that much use out of it!
Sure. I'll get my stuff off and reset it then bring it along to a girly for you.
That looks pretty cool.
eBay: Bidders don't know what reserve price you set, only that the reserve has been met or not.
"powered by Windows Vista OS"
which has not yet had SP1 released.
(Guess who was reading PlugFest slides on Friday... :) )
Yeah, I'm trying to decide whether to keep it but it's not bad so far...