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Its so nice to have Alex home again! We had a really nice relaxing day yesterday - I got some gardening and tidying done while he was at Oxfam and then we had curry and kicked back and listened to music on the TV while messing around with our new purchases. We quite often do a thing where we take turns to pick a track like a DJ battle and this time I actually remembered to save the playlist at the end too.

Harry bought this party because of the mini keyboard, actually the handwriting software is miles better too. It allows you to correct as you go much more easily, which surprisingly makes all the difference for usability. I think it's actually better at the recognition part too, which is good because my handwriting is not getting any better! Apparently, it also learns your writing, although I think I'm pretty inconstant so we'll see how it goes with that. Still, I have managed to handwrite this whole post without too much trouble. Not bad at all.
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