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charlie, computer cat

November 2018



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Urgent, urgent!

OK, due to various people pulling out we have 2 1 Truck tickets now available suddenly. Do you know of anyone who might want said tickets? Then send them to this post forthwith and posthaste! We will be selling them at face value (i.e. £55 per ticket).

All gone now :)


Jo (Edge) was looking for some. I have texted her and she is interested and hopefully will post here soon.
Excellent - I had a feeling they wouldn't be too hard to find homes for :)
OK Jo is on a bus right now, so can't post. The people you want are bengraham and daniel_hill who I think want one ticket each. They are friends of Jo's .
Thanks - turns out they've made other plans. Still, thanks very much for letting Jo know :)
Ooh, ah, bugger

That's them gone then I take it? I would be interested in asking the Lvoely richard (tm and (c)) if he could come, if there was a(nother) spare.
OK, well for the moment it looks like Jo is going to take them but she's getting back to me to confirm this afternoon. I'll let you know what happens with that.
OK, Jo has passed so you're next in line - can you let me know if TLR is up for it?
ooh, yes he is, please. Thanks!
No problem :) Are you going to be there on Tuesday? If so, I'll bring it along, otherwise I can pass it over on Friday at the Evenings gig.
Probably there on Tuesday - definitely there on Friday.
R & I will both be at the pub tonight - I am going for a drink with friend Gill first but should be there early-ish, around food-time. Yay! His housemate's written a cheque already so it should be able to be handed over at that point.
Excellent! I think I fancy eating out there too so hopefully we'll manage to cross over fairly easily :)