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charlie, computer cat

December 2018



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cat don't care

I'm starting to feel left out. I feel I should disclose that I puffed on a bong oncr and had one or two hash cookies while at Oxford. To be honest, I didn't notice any result except for increased gigglyness. I'm not sure I'm convinced by all this 'I was wrong' stuff but at least they are being straightforward about it rather then all the beating around the bush that Cameron did.


The "I was wrong" rings very false to me too. But I rather like Alan Johnson's answer.
Heh! That's quite cute - I hadn't picked that up first time around :)
Well, the Ox ganj I tried there was weak.
The bit in this sort of confession which always sounds oddest to my ears is the "Yes, I took loads of mind-altering drugs / was regularly pissed up on booze / had energetic sex with several more than willing partners...but I didn't enjoy it, you know. It was wrong, of course."

I always think if someone had the "normal student experience" a la Cameron but claims it wasn't any fun, then I don't trust their judgement.
Ah, but does the British Conservative youth have the sort of riven guilt from such experiences that we expect of our Young Republicans? ;-)
Well to be honest, I hardly ever believe them when they say that. It's just one of those things that they say because they're scared that the Daily Mail will hang them out to dry. That's partly why I find it so annoying. They, and probably all of the columnists on the DM did get up to things back in the day, they had fun doing it and probably in their heart of hearts they're aware that it's part of what formed their personality but they have to pretend they wish they hadn't because I guess they think that no-one will take them seriously if they don't.
Excessive amounts of alcohol don't do much for me. tinyjo, I have never taken crack cocaine, speed, ecstasy or heroin. These things don't do much for me.
Umm,OK! AFAIK, neither have I tried any of those things except alcahol...
Never delivered a presentation to a roomful while buttockfaced on polished cabinet eighty year malt.
:( I have had pot quite a few times between the ages of 15 and 32. It started out by not really doing anything for me, then I got increasingly bad headaches and nausea. Dammit. How can I be a rebel when I'm allergic to illegal drugs?
It's a hard life :) I guess you do your best with cigarettes and alcahol :)
That's it, I am officially boring. The closest I have ever come to cannabis was watering a friend's plant while she was away on holiday. It was really rather pretty.

I find it surprising that people get so upset about politicians admitting to engaging in fairly normal student activities.
Yeah, I agree. I remember at the time they were hounding Cameron about it thinking "who cares?". Plently of people do it, plenty of people don't, it's just not that big a deal unless you're the Daily Mail, I guess.
I would be more worried if somebody admitted to taking cannabis now.