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charlie, computer cat

December 2018



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charlie, computer cat

On, I think, Wednesday afternoon, I decided I needed to escape the aircon and get a breath of fresh air. The sunny day this week anyway. Perhaps it was yesterday and it just feels longer ago. I went outside and sat in the sun on the bank of the stream that runs between the two parts of our building. I even considered dabbling my toes in but on balance refrained.

Today, the place where I sat and indeed most of the path on that side of the stream are under water. I stood on the covered bridge between the buildings watching 3 young ducks trying gamely to make their way against the current. As long as they don't close the roads on my route home it should be fine but it is putting a dampner on my enthusism for leaving the house this evening!

I am hoping that this will get all the rain out of the way and the weekend will therefore be lovely and sunny, but I have to admit that so far the weather forcast sites are not bearing out this optimistic view. Perhaps I have inadvertantly become a festival rain god of some sort. If so, sorry, guys! Fortunatly, I have a better jacket to replace my slightly leaky around the hood seams poncho (a flaw unfortunatly discovered while at Glastonbury, not before) so I should be able to withstand but it would have been nice to be able to bask.


Met Office Benson is still fairly optimistic.
Ooh, that's not too bad, actually! I've not been on that site before - they should have little rankings for the forcasters and how often they get it right :)


Truck's latest blog post is called "THE DAY BEFORE TOMORROW" and suggesting that we get "dropped off in the village" --- by our parents, presumably.


Re: enraged

I guess so! It does have something of an air of desperation about it - I guess they're just not as experienced at rainy Trucks.

Re: enraged

And now it's canceled. Oh dear.

Maybe I'll be able to make the new date.