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charlie, computer cat

February 2019



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Instead-Of-Truck Indoor BBQ

OK, well now we know that Truck is off (probably for the best!) I guess everyone is at a loose end this weekend. May I suggest an Instead-Of-Truck Indoor BBQ on Sunday?

Basically the plan would be that you all turn up at my house and I bring the BBQ equipment down to the patio by the house (so that even if it rains, I can provide food with minimum hassle :)). Then we can have cooked food and socialise, drink and eat inside in comfort. Shall we say 2pm onwards for anyone who fancies it? We can even provide old Truck compilation CDs for the right musical ambience :)

Even if you were never going to Truck anyway, do feel free to join us :)


Sounds like a plan to me!
If I hadn't just bought (and carried home) a chicken for Sunday dinner, and if lslaw wasn't turning up mid-afternoon, I might be very tempted...
Wwell I can't help with the chicken but you could always bring lslaw with you :)
You can barbecue a chicken, no problem. Spatchcocking is the classic solution, but beer can chicken is the smart barbecuist's move.

-- tom
Kate and I (J-P) would like to come along if that's OK. And if we can actually get there: we couldn't actually leave Witney eastwards this evening for cleanskies' Evening of Divers and Sundrie Entertainments for numerous flood-related reasons. Are it still hoped to be Fantasy Truck-themed?
You'll both be welcome! If you don't have the address, email me (tinyjo at gmail) and I'll send it on.