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charlie, computer cat

December 2018



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What webmail service do you use? Would you recommend it? I've tried Gmail (not a huge fan) and I'm trying Yahoo beta at the moment and really liking it but I'm not really sure what else is out there...


I use my own one: mail.shepline.com - OpenHosting have recently upgraded and its pretty good now! :-)
What's your beef with gmail? I like it because it auto-refreshes, has got lots of space (though I know that's not unique now), is easy to search, free, and suits me in indefinable ways.

Webmail has been banned here (though not the dot Mac webmail, amusingly) so I can't offer much in the way of suggestions. I certainly can't log into to Yahoo without using the same workaround as I use for Gmail. If there was a webmail that I could use directly, then that would be a pretty good reason to swop but otherwise I have no problem with what I'm currently using.
Part of it is just that I find it ugly - not a dealbreaker per se but if I can find another service which will offer me the same and be easy on the eye then that would be good.

The main thing though, is that I've never managed to feel comfortable with the gmail way of arranging mail. I know you're supposed to just archive it and search it but I like folders! It matches the way my brain thinks about things. And I don't like hording, which gmail actively encourage. You can use labels to a certain extent but I find that a bit clunky as a method of foldering. That's one of the things I'm liking about Yahoo - I have drag and drop foldering.

On the plus side, the spam filtering is good, the space is good and the app is responsive but I don't think those are so rare any more so I figured I might as well explore.
I use labels for foldering and actually prefer that to the way my Thunderbird is set up at work. About 90% of my mail is tagged on arrival ('Amazon', 'Livejournal', 'Jo', for instance) so all I have to do after reading it is to click on archive and ping! it's in the right place. Whereas I can autofilter mail straight into folders, but then it doesn't start off in the inbox and I have to search through the list to find which folder says it has a new message (I have several levels of nested folders and tend to keep them collapsed so I can see the ones at the bottom without having to scroll down).
i love gmail too! heh and foryour concerns about aesthetics, you can get this Better Gmail extension 1.0 (http://lifehacker.com/software/gmail/lifehacker-code-better-gmail-firefox-extension-251923.php) for firefox. it's pretty nifty, and i'm using the Super Clean skin which i really like!
I like gmail better than anything else I've ever used.
I love Gmail. The threading is awesome since I'm a part of a bunch of mailing lists, and being able to search my mail really easily is also great.
I would have to side with the Gmail lovers, for the already aforementioned reasons, though I particularly <3 its e-mail reply threading and spam filters.
For emergency mails, I use Yahoo's old service. I don't like the beta one - every time I try it, I switch back quickly.

For most mailing, when travelling, naturally I use a web-based SSH and a text console program :-)