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charlie, computer cat

August 2018



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Had a good day yesterday. Woke up before alarm and stayed awake reading which was a nice mix of tiredness avoidance tactics and weekend relaxing. Alex was in really quite a ropey state with his cold so I encouraged him to stay in bed and sleep it off while I got up and put my day's energy to work on a cleaning blitz. I decided to get the last of the mud out of the house by washing all the downstairs floors. The conservatory never stays nice for long, what with kittie footprints but for now everything looks great. I always get such a sense of wellbeing from sitting down in the newly tidy house as well - I love it.

The evening was cocktails at Julian's, which turned out to be really fun. It was a nice chance to catch up with old workmates, although I fear I may have come across as too smug when describing my current position. Then settled in for a really fun chat with jinty and tortipede which was good - I think thats the first chance I've had to get to know him. It always surprises me when other proper geeks turn up from completely outside our circle - I wonder how many groups Oxford can/does support? The relative lack of snacks even meant that I stayed in calories for the day overall (assuming my cocktail recipe guesses are roughly right), which was a nice surprise. Of course, today is BBQ day so chances of repeating that success seem really low, but at least it's a start...


hoorah! Yes, I thought it was a great evening too

talking to you and to Alex was the bit I liked best about the cocktail party - of course the weather wasn't very conducive to spreading to the garden, which was a shame, but also I found that I'd forgotten the names of various of Julian's friends and colleagues and actually I just fancied having a nice silly learned chat about philosophical logic and stuff with you guys... which in principle I could do any time, but in practice at the next day's BBQ I ended up talking to other people, which was also v nice. Result on the social front!

Re: hoorah! Yes, I thought it was a great evening too

Any evening which includes laughing till you cry while relating a zen koan has got to count as a success in my book :)