Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Well, I have moved from despairing (Sunday, right before I started to get really sick - coincidence?) to cautiously optimistic about finishing my essay by Fridays deadline. Not really sure why I'm finding it so hard to get the structure right on this one - I've managed to get quite a lot of points but tieing them together and getting something that feels coherant is much harder than usual this time for some reason. Ah well, at least this is only 75% of the mark this time - the other 25% is from looking up 2 numbers in the census data we get on CD which should be easy (touch wood) and I doubt I'll bomb the essay badly enough to actually fail the TMA. So fortunatly I don't need to worry whether my tutor will ever actually get back to me about the extension I requested when I was feeling so ill on Monday. I have to say that's one aspect of the OU I've not been that impressed by - neither of my tutors thus far have been very on the case communications wise. It doesn't help that the OU mail set up is a crazy and benighted system whereby I discovered this week that I have 2 separate mailboxes on separate servers and I have to set forwarding instructions for them separately. Lucky I didn't miss anything important really!

I actually found working in the evening quite nice last night and am now wondering about switching my regular work pattern from Saturday afternoons to a couple of weekday evenings (assuming I have them free of course) and combining that with not having a drink on those as part of my weight-loss, alcohol and meat being the most calorific things I have as far as I can see. I might try it for my next module and see how it works out.
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