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charlie, computer cat

February 2019



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candle trail

I'm in an odd mood today. I wish I'd managed to get up earlier so that I could have caught the bus in and then I would have been able to walk home. Enjoyed Alex's birthday yesterday but ended up not doing very well on the diet between lunch with his parents and pizza with the party people! Still, he seemed pleased about his present (a comedy gig and a band) and the various other bits and bobs that people got him, so that's good.

Hopefully once I've got downstairs looking a bit more normal, done some dinner and had a quiet night in, I'll be feeling a bit more cheerful.


Hope you're feeling better today. I'm sorry we didn't make it on Sunday, but topicaltim really wasn't feeling well!
That's cool - I did pick the text message up but failed to actually text back :) I'll have to transcribe that naan recipie - I was just going to photocopy it and hand it over.
Well, no great rush. Or you could scan it and email a copy? The tiny computer is the most wonderful kitchen aid ever - I can prop it up on the work surface and follow recipes off the internet, whereas before I either had to print them out or keep turning back to the table where the laptop was!
Isn't it great! I've been using mine for that quite a bit too. Actually scan sounds like a good idea - I'll sort that out tonight, hopefully.
I think that was what convinced both of us that it was staying! And no huge rush - curry night isn't until Friday!