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charlie, computer cat

February 2019



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A lovely weekend in +/- form

+ Fantastic Saturday morning with Alex
-- Discover once have arrived at Ballroom that have left keys on table in garden while dealing with latest mouse.
- Nothing I like at Ballroom
- Roadworks of doom on the Plain
++ Find beautiful dress in Monsoon for party.
- Fail to find bra in M&S to go with
+ Resist buying beautiful sundress that I don't need.
+ Resist buying perfect handbag that I don't really need.
+ Find that alice bands are back in fashion and buy several.
+ No-one steals bike while out despite inability to lock it up
++ No-one steals keys from back garden while out. And they are where I thought they were.
- Decide should have bought shrug to go with dress after all when already back home.
+ Relax with Earthly Joys in garden
- Unconvinced by historical accuracy of Tradescant having sex with the Duke of Buckingham
+ BBQ in garden with Alex
+ Lounging around all evening

+ Just enough cream cheese for Sunday lunch recipie!
+ Remember about making rhubarb crumble in time to actually make some
- Turns out topicaltim isn't a rhubarb fan.
+ But is OK with icecream
+ But white_hart is.
- Have made some mistakes in Brownie accounts
+ Only small ones. Am pronounced not an embezzler.
+++ Lunch, wine and conversation.
+ Port & more conversation.
+ more conversation.
- more wine. (Note that this is only a - in retrospect)
+ Yes Minister episodes
- Pizza and garlic bread for dinner
+ Veronica Mars episodes

+: 24. -: 11.


Which reminds me, I need to write you a letter to say that I don't think you're embezzling the Brownies' money, don't I? Who should I write it to?
Yes indeed, if you don't mind. I guess it should probably be to our district treasurer - I'll email you with her name.
Ok, my life is as follows - Knirirr is around for party (yay!). Due to general crapness following thesising all summer, a) which Oxford Pillars/Spires/Thingy is it in, and b) how posh is it? (we have to go to a bbq beforehand, and getting K into a suit is a nightmare...)
It's in the Oxford Thames one, which is out in Sandford, just outside the ring road. Dresscode is smart - Alex is subverting this by wearing a 3 piece suit with a brownies t-shirt underneath! I'll be wearing the evening dress I posted here. I think there'll be a spectrum, tbh, but it's definitely a dress up affair :)
Wow, lovely dress!
Thank you! I just don't get enough opportunities to wear dresses like that so I'm taking full advantage of this one :)
Find beautiful dress in Monsoon for party.

Should I be getting my suit cleaned?
Yes :)



M&S have a rather nice gold thread crochet shrug in stock only 29.99! sounds like too much wine garlic bread and pizza to me! mum

Re: shrug

Hmmm. I didn't spot it when I was in there looking for bras, but then there was lots of chaotically arranged sale racks so I could have missed it.

It was the pizza that was the very bad thing - I didn't actually end up over calories on the wine & lunch!
That dress is HOT. Rrrrawrrrr.
Why thank you! I'm sure there'll be plenty of pictures of the occasion so you'll get to see it on too :)
Oh, I need to plan for the 15th NOW shouldn't I!!!!
(or are we not invited, I'm not quite sure as we never got an actual invite)
If we are, is it black tie? or long dress or cocktail dress or umm?

Yes indeed :) You are definitely invited - I was rather disorganised about mailing invites so you may well have missed out there but I knew you were on LJ :)

I'm defining the dress code as "dressy". Alex is wearing a 3 piece suit with his Brownies T-shirt on underneath! I am wearing an evening gown. On the other hand this is because I *love* wearing evening gowns. Don't feel obliged to (a) spend money or (b) be uncomfortable but other than that do dress up :)

Umm, having dealt with the important issue of frocks, it now occurs to me that I should ask about the trivial question of what time of day it is?
Oh, scratch that, I've just read the small print on the previous post that specifies evening (as I assumed) - but what's the starting time?
7pm. I'm now wondering if there are more people that I assumed I'd see and didn't post invites to...