Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

A lovely weekend in +/- form

+ Fantastic Saturday morning with Alex
-- Discover once have arrived at Ballroom that have left keys on table in garden while dealing with latest mouse.
- Nothing I like at Ballroom
- Roadworks of doom on the Plain
++ Find beautiful dress in Monsoon for party.
- Fail to find bra in M&S to go with
+ Resist buying beautiful sundress that I don't need.
+ Resist buying perfect handbag that I don't really need.
+ Find that alice bands are back in fashion and buy several.
+ No-one steals bike while out despite inability to lock it up
++ No-one steals keys from back garden while out. And they are where I thought they were.
- Decide should have bought shrug to go with dress after all when already back home.
+ Relax with Earthly Joys in garden
- Unconvinced by historical accuracy of Tradescant having sex with the Duke of Buckingham
+ BBQ in garden with Alex
+ Lounging around all evening

+ Just enough cream cheese for Sunday lunch recipie!
+ Remember about making rhubarb crumble in time to actually make some
- Turns out topicaltim isn't a rhubarb fan.
+ But is OK with icecream
+ But white_hart is.
- Have made some mistakes in Brownie accounts
+ Only small ones. Am pronounced not an embezzler.
+++ Lunch, wine and conversation.
+ Port & more conversation.
+ more conversation.
- more wine. (Note that this is only a - in retrospect)
+ Yes Minister episodes
- Pizza and garlic bread for dinner
+ Veronica Mars episodes

+: 24. -: 11.
Tags: party, socializing
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