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So much for OBLOAFA* plan! Quite apart from my weekend activities (of which more anon), I was going to get on with things this week. I have failed to do so. There was a plan, and it related to lunches. You see we get free lunches in the canteen. This is good, because free food! But bad because free fattening food! I'm eating 5-600 calories a day in lunches. So the plan was as follows:

1) Buy lower fat lunch alternatives that I can prepare in our minimally equipped kitchen (toaster, kettle)
2) Eat breakfast at work, thus still getting some free food! benefit
3) Eat said alternatives for lunch

Step 1 went fairly well and I got a selection of pasta pot type items to warm me up over the autumn and winter lunchbreaks (any other suggestions welcome, btw). Step 2 I failed at this morning, because I was very low in my "on the case" levels so I ended up starving 20 mins ago and went for biscuits. And step 3 is looking doubtful because I have forgotten to bring the cunningly purchased items from step 1 to work with me!

On the other hand, I did come in in the car today (naughty, but compensation to self for not so great night) so I could drive over to Sainsbury's and get something healthy. It feels like hassle but I probably should make the effort.

* Operation Become Less Of A Fat Ass
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