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Guide to girl pop

I am owing for about 3 memes right now, so operating on a last in, first out principle, Alex asked about music that's been getting in my head lately. And this is possibly the point where he disowns me but we've made it to 10 years now (yes, today is the offical day :)) so you don't have to feel too cheated if you came to the party :)

Basically I've got addicted to a bunch of stuff on Pandora that I got by seeding a station with Sugababes, Girls Aloud and then Amy Studt. Yes, I am currently on a girl pop kick :) I just love that feeling of wanting to bounce around and yell my head off that I get from these tracks. In fact, as Alex is out tonight (we had our night in last night), I may well do just that. So, here are 7 tracks that I'm digging from this station right now and I'm just going to have to buy the ones I don't own....

Girls Aloud - Wake me up and The Show. The station was actually originally just seeded by Sugababes but these 2 tracks kept cropping up and reminding me that I really like Girls Aloud. Yes, they are my guilty pleasure, but I heard Sound of the Underground, loved it and bought the album the morning before I was due to drive down to Norfolk on my own (along with By The Way by the RHCP). Cue a cranked up stero and a sore throat by the time I got there! Then we stopped watching TV and hence seeing stuff on the music channel so they dropped off my radar but I loved these as soon as I saw them. I actually gave in this afternoon and bought the greatest hits album on MP3 so I could just repeat these to my hearts content.

All Saints - Pure Shores. For a long time, All Saints felt like the acceptible face of Girl Pop. You could say you liked them and you didn't have to hide your face to much around proper musos. Plus I loved the fact that they used A to Zee and A to Zed in the same song to rhyme different things. It's just pleasing. So yes. I think I have this track somewhere but if not I'll be downloading it pretty soon.

T.A.T.U. - All the things she said. When I hear this song, I think of schoolgirl lesbians in the rain, which has got to be good :)

Breathe In, Breathe Out - Rachel Stevens. This is probably the one I'm most embarrassed by - I mean, Rachel Stevens? But it's got... undertow. No, hear me out. Basically, she's a cookie cutter singer, but that's kind of the point in this kind of music. Really it should be credited to the producer or something because it's the production that makes it and the whole point of the style is that the voice is not a unique presence, just another cog in the machine.

All I wanna do - Amy Studt. This sounds so much like a Sheryl Crow track that I was really surprised to see that it's by Amy. In fact, it turns out it's a cover of Sheryl Crow, so in a way, I was right all along. This has got a slightly more guitar pop sound than the other things I've mentioned so far but it still has that thing which basically short circuits my brain and hits my hips and my vocal chords.

Love Affair - Kylie. I could hardly do this without mentioning the godmother of girlpop, could I? There's a bunch of Kylie on this playlist and I love the whole Fever album but this is one of the tracks that most epitomises the thing I'm trying to illustrate here. The top level doesn't have that much complexity, but something about it hotwires some of my base level instincts and I have to dance.

In the end, that's the thing that keeps me coming back to music like this. It short circuits my complexity centres and goes somewhere else but when I hear it, I want to whack up the volume and get up and dance.
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