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charlie, computer cat

August 2018



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Alex earned extra boyfriend points last night by coming home to discover me curled up on the sofa with cramps and not only making dinner but instead of needing to be told what to do with the mince to make spaghetti bolagaise as I had expected, disappearing into the kitchen with his cookbook written by cartoon cats and emerging in about half an hour with home made burgers and home-fries which were really nice! I only sound surprised because the cooking is a relatively recent thing for him, as all his creations so far have been really good.

New TV arrives tomorrow, which is good as when I feel crampy like this all I really want to do is sit around with a glass of wine or two and watch rubbish. Although, of course, most of the worst will be over by the time I can do that as we're out tomorrow :)
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Cookbook written by cartoon cats..? As one who is currently learning to cook too, this intrigues me! And the recipes are good, and not too tricky to pull off..?
Well the ones we had last night certainly were. Looking through it, it's a mixture of easy/fast stuff and slightly more ambitious/long things plus a few cocktail recipies :)
What sort of TV did you go for in the end?
A Humax. Looking round they all seem to have much the same features and I'm not convinced by the whole EU green standards thing.
(How did you get him interested in cooking?)
Mostly him volunteering, actually, unfortunatly. Left to himself he did ready meals or toast with things on so I assumed that if we wanted proper dinner I had to make it but we were talking about it recently and he said he was perfectly willing to make food if I wasn't feeling up to it or wanted a break so I've been occasionally taking him up on it.
all his creations so far have been really good

You sound surprised! My opinion is that cooking really isn't that hard to do, it's just that many people think it's a lot harder than it really is (and also don't have the time to do it). If you've eaten food, then you pretty much know what it's supposed to look and smell like when it's done, so it's just a case of getting it to that point.
True, although I have in my time managed one or two things which smelt great but were way too dry or whatever.

I'm more surprised that he's been up for it and quite confident about it given his previous lack of inclination than that he's fine at it once those things are in place.