Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Having trouble getting going today. Got very absorbed in work this morning but unfortunatly, in the afternoon it kind of petered out - I feel like I'm really close to getting a much better, faster solution than our current one but I can't quite get there.

Went to see the Snow Queen last night with cleanskies, and really enjoyed it, although it was rather more clumpy than I would expect from the ENB - maybe that stage isn't as well sprung as they're used to or something. Some of it was deliberate though (there were even some dancers in heels) and that didn't really work for me. The highlight for me was the gypsies dance, where it did work, feeling like it fitted into the music and the dancers themselves were fast and furious, swirling around all over the stage. There were some other good moments, but that was the stand out for me.
Tags: culture, moody
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