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charlie, computer cat

December 2018



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Out of sorts

Am still finding it difficult to concentrate on much, although I have managed to get a reasonable amount of stuff done today. Too many short projects with people wanting them done immediately - it does my head in. Also, I now have a hypnotic ticking clock on my desktop thanks to Page flakes and find it quite easy to get distracted into literal clock watching if I'm not careful :)

Out and about tonight for Stuart Lee, the other half of Alex's birthday present. I remember going to see him and Richard Herring together when I was a student but I've never seen him solo. Hopefully should be good though. I'd like to go to more standup - are any of the comedy clubs round here any good?


Stewart Lee

We're going to see him on Sunday night. It was supposed to be the other week, but had to be rescheduled. Saw him on his last tour, and he was great. Have fun!


Re: Stewart Lee

It was a good show - Alex laughed more than me but I laughed a lot. Quite ranty in places, but then that's his style. Have fun!
According to brightybot and hatmandu, who both went last night, he was quite dark. And more than a little bitter. Do you like your comedians like you like your coffee?
Ho yes indeed. I did find myself wondering how much of it was scripted and how much was him seeming to have a bit of a breakdown! It was very funny, although more Alex's taste than mine, but that's OK as it was his birthday present :)
Hope it was good - I never managed to shift my ticket in the end, so it just went to waste. You know Richard Herring was on at the Free Beer thing at the Cellar last week or thenabouts?

I went to the Free Beer for the first time a few weeks ago to see Simon Munnery, who seemed exhausted and not a little bitter - he spent the last ten minutes reading from his book before saying "I've wasted my life - don't waste yours. Goodnight!" I guess that generation of comedians are hitting mid-life crisis pretty hard now.

As a night, though, the Free Beer looks good. Best get there early though, as it's seated (in the cellar!) and space seems to be at a premium.
I didn't realise he'd been back there again, although I know Alex has seen him there before. I did enjoy it but he definitely came across as very bitter - I guess you're right about the midlife crisis. That style of angry comedy is more Alex's taste than mine, but I did still find it very funny.

We ended up not making it to your set after all despite last minute plans due to laziness and slow cooking I'm afraid - how did it go?
No worries! It was fun; it being an MC Lars gig it was full of kids right from the start, which is always a confidence boost. We played well with no major screwups - the one comedy point came when I switched the last two songs around so Seb left the stage a song early. But I think it went down well.