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charlie, computer cat

February 2019



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Disaster narrowly averted

Driving into Sainsburys to get Pritt Stik for tonight, I noticed a sign saying "Petrol station closed". "Ah, well", I thought, "I don't need to get any for a while" and glanced down at the gauge to see it well into the red! Cue a hasty diversion to Tesco for the requisite and I am no longer in danger of breaking down on the way to Brownies!

Girly night on Weds was fantastic - significant drinking took place, and lots of random stuff was talked. I know we agreed to have another one before Christmas but I can't remember when - anyone?

I'm all on my own this weekend as Alex is off to ATP. Quite a contrast from last weekend :(


I don't think a date was decided, properly. It seems as though I can do Thursday that week though, as there is no LSD that night. Our work Xmas do is either the Tuesday or the Wednesday that week. The Friday night I'll probably just want to go home and collapse.
Is that week next week, or the week after? I can't do the 14th, 18th or 21st but other than that am free so far...
Week after - week before Christmas. I think the 18th and 21st are off for me too (though that may become 19th and 21st, there has been no official decision on the Christmas do. But that will only last an hour or two)
So the Thursday would be fairly safe then. I might do a poll over the weekend and see which of the Weds or Thurs more people are free on and then if it does end up clashing with your Xmas do you can just arrive after - sound like a plan?
Definitely :)
Well, assuming I'm actually healthy that week, my work Xmas lunch is the Wednesday and I doubt I'll want to go out in the evening as well. And we are seeing Supergrass at the Town Hall on the Friday. Thursday is OK in theory, although we finish work for Xmas that day and it might be a bit annoying to be the last person hanging around the office (also, I suppose, the porters might want to lock up...)