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So, I turned off my phone last thing on Friday to switch the batteries (I keep a spare and switch between them so that I don't have to leave my phone plugged in to charge) and when I put the other battery back in it wouldn't switch on. Tried both batteries, tried plugging it in, all no dice - dead phone.

I absolutely have to have a phone this week for Brownies if nothing else (we're going out to the theatre) so I decided I was going to have to brave the horrible weather and go into town to see the Vodafone man. They too had a go but had no luck getting the thing to switch on. They offered to send it off for repairs but as I had been considering a new phone anyway when my contract ran out next month I decided to pick one up now for the hell of it (I can tell you're surprised :)).

I had been considering the Samsung G600 with the 5 megapixel camera but when I sat down with the chap downstairs and he asked me what I was looking for I gave him the details (internet, camera, not too bothered about music) and he suggested the F700 instead and got me one out to play with. Well, we all know that's the best way to sell me a gadget :) I was hooked really quickly and decided to go for it within about a minute of having it in my hand.

The amazing thing was that when we looked at my last couple of bills, I run out my minutes way too often (which I had realised and was planning to change when contract expired) so I have ended up on a new plan with many more free minutes, fixed price internet up to a reasonable limit (described as unlimited in the ads, but there you go) for about half what my bill has been for the last couple of months and a beautiful phone thrown in for free!

So far I like it a lot - the keyboard is great for messaging (although slightly awkward if you've also got the power plugged in), the touchscreen is nice, web browsing is fast and the whole experience is very pretty. Unfortunately, what it doesn't have that my old phone did is syncML built in. It hadn't occurred to me to ask about this as I kind of assumed it would be pretty standard but apparently not. I had been using it on the old phone to keep a backup of contacts and calendar to the interwebs via ScheduleWorld after my contacts got too big for my sim (and boy am I glad I did!) but unfortunately, I couldn't then just point my new phone at SW and be off again. It took me some considerable time to get a contacts backup in vCard format (SWs fault) which I could sync with my phone and I still haven't managed to get my Google calendar into vCal format so that I can transfer it over.

Long term, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it though. I really like having my google calendar available to me on my work desktop but do I really need it there if I've got it on my phone? I've spent a bit of time trying to get gCalSync to work but no dice there as it just keeps giving me certificate errors so it looks like I have to choose and we all know there's only one way of making a choice on LiveJournal...

What shall I do about my phone vs web calendars?

Ignore the phone calendar. Get Google to send reminders by text and add new appts via the web browser on your phone if you can't wait
Ignore Google calendar. Just get all your data copied over and use your phone - it's not like you need to share the data or go out without your phone
Do an awkward manual sync - install Outlook on your PC, sync that with Google and your phone with that
Keep them both up to date manually (if you pick this I will assume you hate me)

I would be inclining more towards option 1 except that I really like the way the calendar app on the phone works so I am currently more or less agnostic. Break the deadlock in my brain!
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