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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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xkcd-21st century

Maddy Prior

Finally managed to find the link to the ticket shop for this after a lot of hunting! If you fancy some lovely carols from a great singer and folk band come to the Oxford Town Hall for Maddy Prior and her Carnival Band on Saturday at 8pm. I've got MP3s of the Radio 2 broadcast they did years ago of carols and I love it - it's one of the major parts of Christmas to me getting it out again. I'll upload God Rest Ye Merry for people to sample.

Also, saw this XKCD and had to iconise it. I do this sometimes and the intonation is all. Today it's bouncy and enthusiastic, tomorrow it might be disappointed...


She's on Midweek if you wanted to Listen Again or catch the repeat this evening...
Ooh, thanks! Spent part of the afternoon distracting myself with the podcast :)
Weren't Maddy and the band grand? And was that you on stage for 'The Holly and the Ivy'? (-:
Yes on both counts :) I was going to be all shy but then I thought "What the hell, I could be on stage with Maddy Prior!" I was so glad I went, even though I ended up going on my own.
Good for you! I did keep an eye out for you in the interval while j4 rushed off to claim her prize for spotting all the musical references in whichever number it was.
Nice one - I only got two! I too dashed off to get CDs though, having realised that it would be a perfect Xmas pressie for my Dad as he put me onto Maddy years ago. Signed and everything