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Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Well, my memes are on a delayed "whenever I feel like it" schedule at the moment, so here is the userpics one, courtesy of jinty working on the FIFO principle :)

I saw this in an icon community and it really struck me. I use it when I'm feeling melencholy, lonely or out of synch with the world
Chichiro from Spirited Away. I created this partly because I love this film loads so I went looking for suitable icons. I found it surprisingly difficult to find a still I liked but the sense of heading out into the unknown in this one pleased me. Tends to end up on organising or planning posts
Despite the fact that I don't own an iPod, it's now got very strong associations with mp3 players in general. Usually used on music related posts
Another one from an icon community. It suggests peace and serenity to me. I generally use it on posts where I'm being introspective or am feeling particuarly at peace
Cat macro! They're surprisingly hard to iconise so I grabbed this one when I saw it :) Tends to get used when I've nailed a bit of programming or am feeling bouncy and confident
This is actually my default now, although I don't think it was at the time I got this list :) I like that it's very unfussy and clean in composition and it's got a sort of calm feeling to it again. I guess it's kind of aspirational as a default :)
My Cassie from very close up! I identify as being pretty cat like so it tends to get used on personal things and also on things where I'm feeling clingy and wanting hugs, both characteristics often portrayed by Cassie :)
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