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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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down in the dumps


1) Due to the appalling lack of visibility in the rain last night, I managed to hit the metal post between my and my neighbours share of the drive while backing in last night. Dent and a rip in the bumper are the result. Anyone know (a) if I need to get that fixed and (b) if so, how much it'll cost?

2) My parcel with my materials for the French course I decided on in the end hasn't arrived yet. According to the DSL web tracking it was out for delivery yesterday but the last entry (at around 8pm yesterday) is "No parcel but data". What does that even mean? I've emailed them to find out but no progress so far.


Ow. If the rip in the bumper will permit rust to form on structural members later, getting it fixed would be a good option now (pennyworth of prevention vs pound of cure). There's a good, and cheap, bodyshop in Farmoor, and/or AJL on Station Road, Kidlington; they'll deal with you straight.
The bumper skin is not an MOT failure and not a legal requirement to fix. The structural parts behind the bumper skin (usually crush cones on the rear but occasionally a beam) are unlikely to be damaged unless you were exceeding 2.5 m/s. They are in a wet area so damage to the skin should not increase corrosion of these parts. The bumper iself is a very large fibre reinforced polymer. Most garages will buy a new black part and respray it to match the car charging you several hundred pounds. It is possible to glue round the rip then use touch up paint and fine poish to match. For best performance a fibre glass patch backing will improve strength. This is not completely invisible and often involves some skill and work which is why garages don't usually do it.


My car is too old for your description to match but your advice sounds excellent. Even if tinyjo doesn't apply it in her situation I have taken notes!

(Due to my appalling drunken preoccupiedness going home last night, I managed to hit a lamppost at some speed with my forehead. But that'll fix itself without costing me anything. It made an impressive clang, though.)