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So my assigned year of retrospectiveness from white_hart is 2003. Turns out I was very pleased to get to go back and read the entries from those days because I'd forgotten what a great year 2003 was.

It started off with me getting back from Christmas internet break to find that I had earned my very first support privs. This was to be a theme for the year - me getting more and more into support. By February, I'd already earned my first supporthelp - in the now defunct embedding category - and I was getting privs in other categories too. It took me until September though before I could get my GUNK supporthelp. In November of that year, I also got SH privs in the newly formed style systems category and I seem to recall me and crschmidt answering about 90% of the S2 requests on the board that December!

The other really exciting thing that happened in January of that year was that Alex started to talk about the possibility of moving in with me (actually, that's a private entry - I think I was worried about being pushy). At the time I was living in Union St, subletting the spare room to an old university friend in term time while she did a post grad course. Alex was on the other side of Oxford, living with archie and Lorna and, quite a lot of the time, Tanaqui. Lorna was starting to talk about moving in with pinata23 and Alex thought that when that happened, he'd move in with me. I was very excited about this - I'd wanted it to happen for a while but Alex hadn't been ready when I first moved back to Oxford and I'd made a concious effort not to push it but just to let things evolve and him get used to the idea so I felt like that strategy was finally paying off. In the event, the process was not without trauma, but it was mostly Tanaqui and snake related, and in September of that year, Alex finally moved in to live in Union Street with me.

2003 was also the year I holidayed in the Cevennes with my family, unfortunately thereby missing Caption! I hadn't realised when I agreed that would end up being the result but there were no other sensible weekends for Caption. It was also the year that the Union buggered up the venue booking so we had to find a last minute replacement for the Saturday venue. It all ended up going OK, from what I'm told, but it was all a bit knife edge! The holiday was fabulous - I took some lovely pictures, mostly of butterflies, and read about a million books!

Hmmm. What else was there? Work wise, I was settling in happily to OCC and we put out the first ever version of SPOCC, with a payments engine written by yours truely in time for the government mandated April deadline.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot! 2003 was the year of LASIK! I discovered that I could afford to get my eyes lasered and I could have interest free credit into the bargin (and loads of advantage card points!). I went to Boots in Reading in March for a barrage of tests to check the suitability of my eyes for the surgery and was given an excellent prognosis and went under the beam in late April. Absolutely the best money I ever spent. Although the experience itself was very scary, I knew by that evening that it had been worth it and I still love the fact that I can focus! I don't have to faff around with lenses or lose my glasses all the time or anything!

So yay for poking around in the archives of 2003! Anyone else want a year/have another year for me to do?
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