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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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So, an update. It's been a while since I did a proper one of those. Not sure why - have been rather quiet/shy online lately for no particularly good reason.

Had a meeting with the architect this lunchtime to check some stuff about the boiler, which will have to be moved as part of the building work, annoyingly. Aparently, we can have it downstairs even if the bathroom is upstairs which sounds weird to me, but far be it from me to contradict the architect (actually, even if this turns out to be untrue, there is somewhere sensible we can put it so I'm not worried). We have now sent off our paperwork for buildings regs and I have to start asking around for quotes from builders. This is rather scary as then the cost of the project will actually start to become real. Yikes!

Ended up having a very quiet weekend as white_hart and topicaltim were in no state to come over for Sunday lunch. It was quite nice, actually, though. Alex and I played a co-op career in GHIII, me on medium rhythm (relaxing :)) and him on easy bass (first time) so that when Rock Band comes out we'll be in practice. Actually, I wonder if I could pick up a copy while I'm in the states - will it work on a UK PS2 if I do that? Mind you, strikes me as something that it would be tricky to get onto the flight home :)


I'm pretty sure the PS2 is region-locked unless modded.
not only that, you'd have the NTSC-PAL issue.
True, I'd forgotten that. Blasted things. When I'm queen (of the world) everyone will have to pick one standard so we can all share stuff!
Digitelly is one standard, isn't it? I mean, if your games machine has HDMI coming out of it, which the latest crop do, it'll plug into any HDMI display and do the right thing regardless of country, broadcast format, etc.

Apart from the whole HDMI having built-in DRM thing, although that's not relevant here.

-- tom
And about time too! I think my new TV has HDMI input but I don't have anything that outputs it yet. Still, now I'm into GH, I may eventually even get an upgraded console!
Ah well. I guess I'll just have to wait patiently as I believe modding those things involves soldering irons, which is a bit more fundamental than I want to get!
I've lived in plenty of places with upstairs bathrooms, and as far as I can recall they all had boilers downstairs. That's what central heating pumps are for ;-)

And we must arrange another Sunday to come over!
Yes indeed. Bring your diary tomorrow and we'll find a convenient date.

I've only lived in houses with downstairs bathrooms up until now so I've never had the opportunity to observe this in action :)
If i could have the boiler upstairs in the present house I would, to save hassle with shower pressure and the like. The last house had an upstairs boiler and it was marvelous. less noise from the pressure pump, one less thing to go wrong, one less thing to suck up electricity.
Are you getting a combi-boiler? If so, it can be pretty much anywhere, you just need a powerful enough pump to push the hot water to where you want it.

In a way, having the boiler downstairs is better, as it means the feed from the mains will be higher-pressure, so it can get water faster. AIUI, you're not allowed to have a pump sucking on the mains, you have to let it come out under the pressure the water board supplies. Although i guess it's doing that into a tank in your loft, and then that's feeding the boiler downstairs. Althought that still means it's delivering more pressure to the boiler, but you could pump it anyway. Urgh. Plumbing is hard.

-- tom
Also, GH is of the win.

\m/ \m/

-- tom
Very much so. I can't wait for RockBand - I imagine it as like GH plus.
I'm really curious as to how the vocals work. Someone explained it to me, but i want to see it in practice.

I also want different bass and six-string controllers (although not very much), and an analogue strum bar.

And support for my idea of sticking a wiimote down your sock and using the motion sensing to detect high kicks and other rock gymnastics.

And to see instruments other than guitar, drums and mic. Lots of people already have bongos, so let's get those supported. Also, DDR mats, for if your band has a Bez. You can already get USB pseudo-turntables, for scratching CDs; support those, and you can form a hip-hop group. A generic wind instrument wouldn't be too hard: it'd be a stick with buttons down it, and a nozzle you blow in; nozzle straight and it's a clarinet, bent back and it's a saxophone, bent to one side and it's a flute. Then we just need a double bass and we can play Evenings tracks!

-- tom
Actually that's true, I haven't really got my head around how the vocals is going to work. Or how they're going to fit in the tracks for all the different players on one screen.

Once we've got all your instruments though, we only need to add the rest of the strings and we can do Symphony Orchestra Hero :)