Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

It is *freezing* in my office today. I am wearing my fingerless gloves and sitting cross legged to try to warm up my feet, which are distinctly icy! I haven't been drinking my water because I can't at the moment contemplate actually drinking something that's not warmed up, I'm so chilly. We do have a little space heater in our office, but it's really not doing much.

Mum and Dad came over for a birthday visit this weekend, the highlight of which was that Dad took one of the floorboards up for me and we found my ring! I left it on my bedside table one night and Charlie decided to conduct one of her gravity experiments by pushing it onto the floor where it then slipped down the gap in one of the floorboards (we deduced this by it's complete disappearance and the presence of my lipsalve under the dressing table whence it had also been moved). As you can imagine, this was quite distressing. I was 99% certain it was there but getting at it was another matter. I would have been gutted to lose it altogether as it's so completely my style of jewellery - it's my favourite ring, as well as being a gift from Alex. I remember buying it - we were looking for some jewellery for his mothers birthday and I saw it in the shop window and ooh'd and aah'd about how beautiful it was, not particularly intending to hint and he took me inside and bought it for me on the spot. He's lovely, really.

In terms of actual birthday pressies, I got some grow your own mushrooms, which I'm really excited about - I don't know why, but I absolutely love the idea. It looks like they take a bit of looking after so we'll have to see how I get on, but fingers crossed - I could be making mushroom sauce with my own mushrooms later in the year. I also got Guitar Hero II, which is fun. I think the medium mode is a bit easier than III - I am 5 starring songs first time around about half the time - but hopefully that means that the hard mode will be good training for the hard mode of III, which I'm finding a bit of a strain at the moment! The multiplayer is not quite as fun as on III, as there's no concept of a "co-op career" - you just can play any song you've unlocked in single player as a multiplayer song. Other than that, a couple of RHCP CDs (must remmeber to rip them to MP3 some time in the week) and a book round off the list so far, although I've got some things I haven't openned yet - I tend to like to open things in the presence of the giver but these are special Amazon delivery so I'm saving them for the day.
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