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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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I should write about some things other than Guitar Hero, really but I am so chuffed - last night, I managed to complete 3's & 7's, Before I Forget, Knights of Cydonia and Cult of Personality (with 4 stars!) to complete section 7 on Hard and then made it all the way through Cliffs of Dover! I've pretty much managed to get the hang of doing the notes that you don't have to strum without strumming them now, my next challenge is going to be to get the bi-directional strumming thing as I don't think I'm going to make it through One without figuring that out.

In other news, don't forget, birthday cocktails on Saturday! 8 til late, dress up. I have, as usual, failed to actually remember to publicise this beyond LJ so if you mention it to someone and they say "what" please do invite them on my behalf!


I can't make it on Saturday! Many apologies, and I will be thinking of you from the middle of Dorset..
I am dressing up even as i type this! Well, almost.

-- tom
I've just discovered that the last train back to London is at 2309 tonight, which would mean leaving yours at 2200ish. Is there any chance i could stay at yours? Happy to sleep on a floor. If Ni{all,c} is coming, can also try to wangle something off them.

-- tom
Ooh, or take the coach, of course. But that means not bringing my bike and taking longer to get to you. Hmm hmm hmm.

-- tom
No-one's bagged the bed so far, so you're welcome to it!
Are we meant to be bringing drinks?

Have texted Tom to say we can offer a bed if yours is going to be in use.
Not so much, although interesting cocktail recipies are welcome