Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Well, who would have thought that I'd actually get slightly weepy watching Torchwood? I've been really taken by surprise at the amount I've got into this series. A slightly different perspective on the characters or something, I don't know? As I said to Niall, if you haven't been enjoying the rest of the season I really doubt Exit Wounds would change anything, but for me, it worked pretty well, despite its plot problems. I even went back and watched a couple of series 1 episodes and enjoyed them much more than I remembered - it's all about how much you like them, I guess. I'm going to give Dr Who another chance as well, I've decided, given that the rest of my friends list seems to have much more time for that than Torchwood (and I hear rumours of crossovers) - maybe I'll get into that this time.

We had a really lovely day yesterday. I left my bike in town on Thursday so Alex and I got up in the morning after I had for some reason woken up really early and been unable to get back to sleep and tramped down the river path to get it and enjoy the pretty while it lasted. Having achieved that, we went for luxurious lunch in Joes and then headed home but it was lovely to just meander along talking of this and that and everything. After that, we lounged around, I watched some TV and after a while I took Alex out to the Science Park to give him a go in my car (verdict, not bad for someone who hasn't driven in 12 years), then back again for snacky tea, more rambling and Red Dwarf. There should be more weekends like that.
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