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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Very interesting ramble from synecdochic on the Open Source Boob thing, and the concepts of sex-positive vs getting-laid-positive here. It's of particular interest to me because it's not a million miles away from my own position but way more articulate.


you're involving people in your sexual game who not only haven't given their consent, they haven't been offered a chance to give consent.

This is the really important bit that the original post about the OSBP completely failed to recognise and pissed off the entire internets.
I agree - I just couldn't quite think of how to articulate it before.
I've read about the Open Source Boob guy elsewhere too and, having been immersed in geek culture myself, I find that aspect/attitude of some types of geekiness pretty cringeworthy (and rather common). Like synedochic suggests, I can be pretty lecherous myself, but the real problem is when there's no apparent regard for or awareness of other people's possibly different feelings and perspectives. I think ethical lechery requires empathy and a degree of conservatism in one's approach.
Yeah, absolutely. There's a huge tendancy for people to make the unwarrented leap from "This makes me a more relaxed and happy person" to "This will make you a more relaxed and happy person".
And if you disagree there's some notion that you're uptight, you know, just because you don't want an unknown nerdy boy with sweaty paws and elf ears and who probably votes Tory to grab your tits.
Ah, thanks for finally linking me to some posts where I could find out what on earth this "open source boob" bollocks was all about.

I was particularly taken by the kick-to-the-groin counter project. In fact, I remember a time when myself and some friends did something similar (including pressuring some male friends into giving "consent").

But we were, you know, twelve.
You're welcome :) I suspect if more of fandom gave up doing some of the things they used to do when they were twelve, the culture might be a better place :)

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