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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Good customer service

I think it was timscience that reminded me most recently that we should share our experiences of good customer service where we find them and so I will. I rang up Vodafone this morning to ask them about my phone options while in the US next month and spoke to a lovely gentleman who

* Did not try to sell me anything extra
* Answered all of my questions clearly and concisely
* Provided an unlock code for my phone via email so that I can get a US pay as you go card (as that looks like my cheapest option for co-ordinating things with US folk while I'm there)
* Told me the essential bit of info I need to make a note of in case I need to claim for my phone on my insurance, which I didn't know about and therefore don't have noted down anywhere

And was all together eager to help and make my life easier.


In my experience Vodafone are completely like any other large company I can think of in terms of how helpful and knowledgeable the people at the other end of the phone are.
When I went I got a pre-pay t-mobile Sim on ebay before I went. I got one with $30 of credit for about a tenner.

http://qurl.com/j8l2c is one for $19.99 and $2.64 shipping to the UK.

Once I was there it was great for calling withing the states, and for receiving calls from the UK, it was not good value to call home (but then nor was my normal phone).
Ooh, nice one - thanks! Calling within the States is mostly what I'll want to do because I'm meeting up with loads of people - always easier when you've got a mobile phone :)


thank you

nice work, dude