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Holiday report, part the first

So, most important news, WE AINT DED. In fact, I type this while comfortably ensconced in the beautiful Baltimore apartment of rahaeli and sarahq. And it really is an awesome apartment. It's a converted factory building (Baltimore does old industrial building conversion really really well - there's a steam-punk Barnes and Noble too) with incredibly high ceilings and loads of books.

Apart from the bit where the US customs people detained Alex from behind me so I got out of customs to the bit where people meet you off the flight and discovered that he wasn't behind me (cue half an hour of getting really stressed and reminding myself that he wouldn't have gone on from here so he must have been held up - see his journal for details) and the slight difficulty in actually getting the rental car into gear (turns out you have to have the foot brake on - the hand brake doesn't count), we are having a fabulous time.

When we made it here on Wednesday, Sarah cooked us a lovely dinner and we all sat around with a bottle of wine chatting, decompressing and meeting their kitties before being set up on the most comfortable sofa bed I have ever slept on for the night. Up in the morning at a surprisingly sensible time, we decided to be productive. D took us down to the harbour, pointing out the beauties of the city as we went (and they are legion). We did our necessary bits of shopping and then decided to head over to the Baltimore aquarium to check it out, which proved to be amazing. I'm sure some of the fish were CGI tricks. There was a fabulous central area just past the entrance where you were on walkways above a huge tank containing rays of many sizes and a three legged turtle (it can't be re-released into the wild because it lost a flipper). As you went up the levels you could see this huge pool if you looked back down the central open space and then at the end you went right down to a floor below the water level so you could watch the activity in the pool from below. There were loads of amazing fish of all colours, frog spotting tanks (tiny frogs!), a rainforest environment right up the top (sloths! tiny monkeys!) and sharks. This is all rather in the nature of an aide memoir, as words can't really convey the awesome but there are photos to come, although sadly not of the tiny monkeys as they were too far away to photo.

So. Also done has been eating in a delicious Lebanese restaurant, driving around the neighbourhoods of Baltimore being told about the city, yarn shopping (dyddgu, no peaches and cream yet, but I did pick up some fancy stuff for you :) And also for myself - have decided to give knitting a scarf a try) and going to the ball game. Despite the fact that the weather decided to skip back to March for the evening, I actually really enjoyed this. We did a lot of heckling, Sarah and D explained what was going on so that it actually made sense and the Orioles actually won! Also, afterwards there were bonus fireworks, which were pretty amazing. Oh and also there has been watching of Stargate episodes - you didn't think I'd get to stay with D without that, did you?
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