Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

So, the natural law of Vegas has reasserted itself and I am now down on video poker again. Still, not too much and having fun, so that seems to be working out. Lots and lots of people here right now - not a lot of room for sleeping! Still, all is good. Dinner at the Melting Pot last night was great again - they really should open one of those in the UK.

We had a fabulous time for the rest of our time in Chicago - we went to dinner at this fantastic place just under the hotel called Bin 36, where they had a whole wine and cheese thing going on. There was an enourmous choice of cheeses, including whole sections of goats and sheeps cheeses and instead of buying a bottle of wine, they sold loads of stuff by the glass and the idea was to order a "flight" - i.e. 5 glasses of about 2.5ox of wine each and taste them to compare against eachother. You could pick your own selection or go for one of the selections they'd put together or just order what you liked by the glass. They also had an amazing chef and it was basically so totally my kind of place that I felt we'd really really lucked out by finding it.

The next day was spend wandering around the city (lots of outdoor art, particularly water sculptures) and then a quick jaunt around the Art Institute, which was also very nice indeed. I loved the look of the city - it felt very city of the future-ish for reasons I can't quite define and I took lots of pictures of sky-scrapers. Must upload my pictures, actually. It was quite scary to drive in, especially as the sky-scrapers got poor robot lady rather confused when she was trying to direct us, but that just made it feel more like a proper city somehow.

Vegas is much as I remember it but actually cool enough to move around comfortably, which must be some kind of miracle. It even rained yesterday! We plan to head out to the strip when the holiday weekend is over and prices have therefore gone down again and actually walk around outside and take pictures, something we rather failed to do last year.
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