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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat


Have spent a surprising amount of time messing around this afternoon trying to decide why I don't just suck it up and pay for Flickr. In the end, I narrowed it down to a few things:

1) The link back policy. I find this annoying. Sometimes I want to use pictures in a purely illustrative fashion and don't want them to be a pointer off to elsewhere. I have a feeling I shouldn't be so precious about this but it's annoying.

2) I get that free users are a drain on resources, but surely by adding more sets, I wouldn't using any more resources than I already am, right? I get the bandwidth cap and I'm fine with it but the sets one is annoying.

3) Lack of customizability. Not a biggie (and something surprisingly few places have, as well) but I'd like to be able to lay out my page as I want it.

On the other hand, I do like the last-to-first aspect of it. And the uploader - last time I tried it it wasn't up to much but now it's pretty full featured and does all the things I used to wish it would do. If only ScrapBook was capable of doing last-to-first, I'd switch over and use that but no such luck. Within a page, yes, but over a whole album, no, not so much. V annoying.

Hmm. Actually, I might be able to fake it after all. This requires some consideration. I wouldn't have the commenting, etc but on the other hand, I never use that on Flickr anyway - I've never really engaged with the Flickr community. I guess I'm just not into my picture taking enough. Hmm. Thoughtful thoughts must ensue. Because I need a new LJ project, oh yes I do.


re: the link back thing. Sometimes I use pics to illustrate things on my blog and I just make them private, and then img-post them without the links. Otherwise, I don't mind the two-way traffic... You can lay out the page to a certain extent, as well.
To me, the difference is 'tags, tags, tags'. Sets are great, but tags are how I really find a collection of photos to share with friends. Want pictures of the house? "apartment, allston st.". Parties at the house? "party, allston st." Julie? just 'julie' will do. Julie at school? 'julie, school'.

etc. etc. The list goes on, but the way that I really go back and find a set of photos is almost entirely through tags, not through sets.

(Maybe Scrapbook has tags now... I don't know. I've never seen them, if so.)
It does - it treats them as a special form of galleries but they're there.
What he said. The one thing set do that tags don't is the ability to have a description, which i have needed exactly once.

-- tom
Re sets - I would have thought this was more of a "come pay money and get neat features" thing rather than something that means that free users would drain resources. Both LJ and Flickr keep stuff that is specific to free users and I bet some of it is about marketing / premium use rather than technical resource.
Probably. I never really noticed it on LJ because I was much more into the basic concept and community aspects of the site so I was already prepared to pay for that. I think most of those things here though are more that you just don't have access, rather than you get a bit and then have to pay to get more. I suppose I see something like galleries as being pretty fundamental to any photo hosting service so I find it more irritating - it's not just an add on in my mind but that may make me unusual.
I quite like the lack of customisability. When i look at your photostream, i don't want it to look the way you want it - i want it look the way *i* want it! It's already annoying enough that you can customise it to use bigger pictures on your front page; for instance, looking at Nutty's pictures is now a pain.

Now, the ability to customise the way you saw things, that would be brilliant.

And i have no idea what this link back policy is. I'm sure it's bad, though. It sounds bad.

The uploadr is indeed an impressive bit of chrome.

-- tom
Fair point - I'd quite like to be able to have the best of both worlds, a bit like one can on LJ with style=mine.