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So, one of the things we have to do as part of my GTP course next year is apparently to keep a reflective journal covering our training and teaching experiences. Of course, being the terrifying geek that I am, I immediately thought "Ooh, I could do that as a blog". I asked and the trainer said I could but that I might want to cut and stick things in it so I should think carefully. I think this is because she doesn't yet know about scanners.

It has to be accessible to our trainers (i.e. they can ask to look at it) but not necessarily to our mentors so I'm thinking of making an LJ for it - that way I can make another account for the trainer and make locked posts for stuff I don't want to share with my mentor or needs too much anonymising. Still, I'm open to suggestions...

Poll #1214238 Reflective journal

What should I use for my reflective journal?

Use this LJ and just tag stuff
Create a new LJ and use that
Create a community and post to it using this LJ username
Use a completely different blogging system (please recommend which one)
Don't do it online at all

Assuming I do put it online, what should I call it?

I include the option to use this LJ and etc because this LJ is basically inextricably linked with my real name - google charman and oxford and you get my tinyjo.net website, for a start - and I accept that so anyone interested in me as a teacher will find this anyway. On the other hand, that doesn't mean I might not choose to set up a new internet identity for blogging about teaching and keep this one for writing about my outside interests, which is probably the most sensible route.
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