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charlie, computer cat

December 2018



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guitar hero, rhcp

Oh joy! Have just discovered gMail supports IMAP. No longer will I have to look at the horrible interface, I can just use Thunderbird without having to give up having all my mail labeled and organised the same on all my computers. I know, it shouldn't make me that happy, but there you are, I'm an odd person.

Having now spent a little time playing Rock Band, I can safely say that it is just as much fun as I thought it would be. I need to get more into practice on the guitar again though - I'm getting rusty. If you could play it with the guitars I've got, I would get the PS2 version just so that I could play some of the tracks on guitar - there's some really good fun stuff on there.


Are you bringing it to the "festival" this afternoon?
I totally get the delight of finding your IMAP being supported. I still use my very old fashioned Netscape Mail (which they don't even give out anymore) so I can download my mail to a format I can read without ads etc... bugging me. And besides, it's nice when some things can stay the same.


IMAP means you can move from Netscape mail to Thunderbird and not lose anything (drag anything in "Local Folders" into its own folder on the server first and don't deinstall until you copy the server settings across). I finally gave in and did that a couple of months ago and I have not looked back.

Re: Tip

Thank you oh so much for this recommendation!! I finally went for it and (mostly) love it also. So glad I switched.