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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

I can't believe I managed to lose my tickets for Hamlet! Fortunately the box office will print me out duplicates when we get there, but still. Most uncharacteristic. Am enjoying life of lady of leisure. Not for long though - school next week.


When are you going to see Hamlet? I somehow managed to enter the wrong flat number in my address, and so my tickets got sent to Flat 76 instead of 77 and disappeared into the ether. Thankfully they were equally nice to me and said they would do the same and I could pick them up at the box office.
Yikes! That's fortunate. We're probably going to be setting off around 3, so in Stratford around 4 ...
Oh, are you guys seeing it tonight too? Will see you there, I guess.
Yep -- do you want any of your books back? :)
Well, if you've finished with them. Otherwise I think I can probably live without them for a bit longer (and you could always ask bibliolicious to return them via the Oxford internal mail system if need be).
Having checked, it seems that bibliolicious owns them anyway, so ... :)
In that case I'd be very glad to have them back ;-)
Oooh, is this why you need some kitties feeding? Sorry I didn't reply to text, I was in a meeting -- but yes, anyway. We can feed kittins.
Yep - thanks very much! Had forgotten that going straight to the wedding afterwards would mean 4 kittenless days :( Am back now and both seem v happy, so all is good.
You're going to see Hamlet? Damn you, I really wanted to get tickets but it had heavily sold out before I even realised it was happening! Have fun. :)