Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

So, that was week one. Pretty good, all things told. I posted about a bunch of school stuff on back_to_skool, so for here, suffice it to say that I had a good week, the class are nice and I felt welcome. My mentor told me I'd made a really good impression on the Head because on day one when I arrived and found her and the science co-ordinator helping the science speaker to set up I offered to make everyone a hot drink and bought the Head hers in her office when I got back to discover she'd gone to answer the phone. That's Mum's training shining through for you :) Other lessons in this series include being willing and cheerful with any task the teacher asks you to do and try to be as helpful as possible but don't pre-empt (there's a fine line between using your initiative and making a pest of yourself by doing something *not quite* the way they would have asked for if you'd asked).

Went out to play tennis with one of the year one teachers on Thursday, which was very enjoyable, if totally exhausting! Usually there's quite a few but this week only the two of us made it. I felt a bit guilty for not being very good but next week, some more total novices are going. Anyone else fancy the occasional knock around in the name of fitness? Presumably the more I do it, the better I'll get, right?

I managed the basics in my support category fine but I didn't have the energy to do the investigation that we've got pending right now. I'm going to try to do that tomorrow, but I feel reasonably happy about how that's looking so far. I still think I'm likely to need a co-admin when I'm having to do my own planning though - must sort that out in lj_supportadmin
Tags: health, support, teaching
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