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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Am rewatching fourth season of the West Wing. Am reminded of why I shelled out for the complete set. This show is the thing I watch and think 'Yes, this is the classic. This is something that couldn't be done as anything other than a TV show and is done the best that it can be done.' It's beautiful and it makes me feel something amazing when ever I watch it (yes, that's sappy, but it's true).

Also, watched the end of season three of the Venture Brothers earlier. THAT SHIT IS CRAZY INSANE. No, seriously. I mean, it's kind of awesome, but still CRAZY INSANE.

In other news, school is going awesome. I am still really into the whole thing even though I have horrible cold, for which I blame the children.
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Couldn't agree with you more on the West Wing, especially the early seasons. It was truly an amazing thing. :)
I got all sniffly again when watching it the other night (the debate episode, I think)
there's a season 3?

Yep, we've got the downloads. Can you watch AVI files? I can chuck you a CD with them on if you can.
Venture Brothers is all kinds of cool! I'm so gonna have to get S3! :-)
Oh, definitely. S3 continues to be BATSHIT INSANE, but we love it. It's the bizarrest thing I've seen in years.

S3 or S2?

Which of those seasons was the great reveal on the two boys? Also, the older set of Venture brothers?

I'm wondering if I may have already seen S3.

Interestingly, the Cartoon Network was showing an episode last night which I had seen before - the one with that revealed origins (and the Necromancer in ectoplasm).

Re: S3 or S2?

That's S2. S3 is post the Monarch's wedding.

Re: S3 or S2?

OMG! Doctor Wife?!?

Re: S3 or S2?

Dr Mrs The Monarch to you :)

Re: S3 or S2?

This is what happens when the Society of Calamitous Intent collapses! ;-)