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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Failed to get out and be sociable again last night. I think my body is avoiding getting a cold by means of using up all my energy much earlier in the day than usual and then suddenly saying "Right, that's it, now you must slump." Poor Alex - I have to send him out to be sociable without me. On the plus side, I don't seem to be getting the cold. Very slight bunged-up-ness in that pre-cold sort of way, but that's it.

Things to do by the end of half term
  • Make policy post to LJ support for SB.
  • Think of something nice to do for all the vols who are actually doing the SB work right now!
  • Any outstanding reviews
  • Any outstanding support@
  • Actually make about 5 posts to back_to_skool that my evidence file claims I have made. Conveniently backdate.
  • Some reading for science assignment
  • Some reading for maths assignment
  • Go through training materials and make list of outstanding tasks for next term

Also, I would like to note at this point that the Primary Science Review sucks for apparently not being fully available online. Do I look like I have time to mooch around in the library doing photocopying? No, nor the inclination. Must find out if I can use the Brookes library, actually - might be useful.


Forging ahead

Don't you think a post saying 'Conveniently backdate' should be friends locked? :-)

Re: Forging ahead

Well, I considered it, but I view it as a challenge at this point - they're getting me to print out my reflective journal and put it in a file so that my tutor can see it so if someone from the university found this I would actually be pleasantly surprised!
You should be able to. If you're teaching you'll be going to Harcourt Hill were theres no need for a student number to get past library security or access photocopy cards. Oh..you didnt want photocopying, and its away up in the hills. Um...you could pretend to be me. I have no novelty moustache.
It is indeed away up in the hills. I suspect that I can make some arrangement to use my Reading library card to borrow books if I fill out the right forms - I'll just have to check the website and see if I can find them.