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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Well, am safely back from the wilds of Devon, where I have been shepherding 42 year six children on an activity holiday. The kids werea actually very good but the whole thing was very physically exhausting - you're being active all day and then supervising the children. I was completely wiped by the end of it! Also, no internets, no radio 4 and spotty mobile phone reception! I am amazed I survived!

In other news, I have got a job interview at the school I've been training at, which is pretty awesome as they don't generally employ their students. As per my mentor, I'm not getting my hopes up, but in the worst case, it'll be good practice for other future job interviews. Put in an application for another place this week too. Lots of jobs came up while I was away so I have to wade through them and do a bunch more apps later.

I have finally made it through my email, had a hot bath and read some of my fp (I am *way* too behind to actually catch it up though!). Am going to try to get into the posting habit a bit more again once I have caught up with my reflective journal and so on. We'll see how long the resolution lasts...


wow, 42 kids (i assume they are about 11 years old, not 6 years old), what a feat! how great to get an interview - and what a great attitude you have. i think that kind of attitude actually makes you more relaxed during interviews and therefore more appealing to the interviewers.

i'd love to see the wilds of Devon.