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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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Just a little more

Well, I've got my final assessment next week for my course, which I've been working on getting the various documents up to date for (those of you watching the reflective journal may have noticed a few updates :) ). I am currently writing a claim statement detailing how I meet the 31 QTS standards for qualifying as a teacher. Makes me feel something of a prat as it's mostly spouting various random bits of jargon but apparently I have to do it.

So, as if that wasn't enough, my mentor pulled me aside this afternoon to let me know that the University of Reading are being inspected and we've been randomly selected to be inspected! So someone's coming in from the equivalent of OFSTED to talk to us and then watch me teach for an hour to check that the University's opinion of my progress is reasonable. Just what I needed. I guess as it's so close to the final inspection at least I won't have to do any more work than I was already going to!

Nearly there...


Holy moley! That's a lot of stuff to try to write about!

And wtf is up with the white-chair design of the brochure? Couldn't they find any children's desks? Clocks? Computers? You'd think it was all about architecture or doctor's waiting rooms or something...
Hmm, I'm surprisingly tempted to write something in defence of the QTS standards, but I suppose that won't make you feel any better about having to write your claim statement. Suffice it to say I do think they're a very useful tool for outlining the different areas of the professional role of a teacher.
Oh, I would agree that they're useful, it's just that writing out how I meet them as a statement feels a lot like changing "You should" statements to "I do" statements. Where they've really been good is having them as a basis for training, so each week, I have to identify 3 training points and which QTS standards they relate to, which has been really good.
You will do a fantastic job. I know it <3