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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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charlie, computer cat


Does anyone want dance mats for the PS2? I have 2 "Crazy Mat V" ones, which they don't seem to sell anymore and also a copy of Dance Factory plus mat, which allows you to dance to your own CDs. Not actually ever tried it so it should be in good condition!

Also, paging sparkymark, I have copies of Dancing Stage Megamix, Dancing Stage Fever and Superstar Dance Club and I'm pretty sure at least one of those is yours. Want to claim any or all of them before I freecycle them?


Yes, the first two are mine. You, or rather Alex, have also got Timesplitters Future Perfect, Silent Hill 2 (the scariest game ever made), and Tenchu Stealth Assassins (PS1).
Indeed we do. I'm not sure if Alex is done with those or not, but I'll bring the dance games to the pub this evening.
Ooh. I'd be happy to take Dance Factory off your hands if you don't find a better home for it!
Excellent! And in fact you live quite close to us now, so it'll be easy for me to drop it off with you :)
Thank you! How soon do you need to pass it on? Our house is, ah, between ceilings until the builders finish in a fortnight, but I'd be glad to collect it from you some time.
No rush if I know it has somewhere to go to :) Lets sort it out when the builders have done their worst!
I'd go for a mat. What's this crazy V mat like then? That sounds fun. :)
It's basically a brand of standard dance mat - i.e. you'd need a dance mat game to use it. The two good ones I have are sparkymarks but you can get them cheap on Amazon or ebay on their own - look for Dancing Stage.
I have Dance Factory and the mat that comes with it so I was wondering how different the V mat is to that one.

How come you're getting rid of Dance Factory?
Ah right. As far as I know they're the same but I haven't actually tried using it with the Dance Factory game. DF was a gift and I've actually not played it - I'd kind of gone off dance games by then - so it's still in it's box and I haven't actually looked at it!