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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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Oh, god! I want so much to do this ethics course. My finger is actually hovering over the sign up button despite the fact that it is a crazy person plan. I really miss academic study - doing those OU courses really whetted my appitite and although my teaching course was many things, academic it wasn't. It is a crazy plan I tell you. I am going to be an NQT next year! Maybe I'll sign up in April so I can do most of it over the summer. Also, dyddgu, what do you think of this course?


That does look very good. Particularly impressed with the focus on the eighteenth century, naturally ;-) Hell, I'm even tempted to take it after I've finished up...
By the time you're done you'll be so fed up with Welsh history you'll be looking at maths courses :)
Oh, ye of little faith!
Besides, I am not an historian, and actually doing history might be interesting.
Fair enough :) I actually usually forget that - because all the stuff I'm aware of you reading is c18, I just mentally categorise you as a historian, which is odd.
That's not unusual - people either think I am an historian, or a mediævalist...
Given that the full course is, as you say, a crazy person plan I'd recommend borrowing Causing Death and Saving Lives by Jonathan Glover from a local library, which will whizz you authoritatively (though partisanly) through much of the course in a fraction of the time.

And if you enjoy it then there's Rawls, and Nozick, and Singer...The nice thing about modern moral philosophy is that you don't absolutely need a tutor because a lot of the good stuff is written in very accessible books.

That is much better advice than I can give, namely: I hated moral philosophy and wanted none of it hence no good suggestions!