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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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charlie, computer cat

What antivirus product should I use? We're running windows systems, mix of Vista and XP.


Norman held me safe for years...
A lot of people I know use and recommend Avast.

I use my PC for very, very little and just have AVG on it. That suits me for what I need, but if I was doing more with it, I'd change to Avast most likely.

We use our PC for very (very) little as well (mostly as host to our media center drive and for Sage to occasionally go on the disney or nickelodeon websites) and use AVG. we'd probably use Avast if we used it more, though.
I use AVG and I use my PC for everything. It seems to work OK.
my computer fix it store (called 'fix my dead pc' ha ha) suggests AVG free with the addition of using SUPERAntiSpyware free edition and Spybot Search & Destroy. i do this and am happy. of course it always helps to actually run the occasional scans.

i don't know anything about Avast. i do know that Norton Antivirus is good, but too much of a memory hog and costs money.

I would have said Sophos, because they are local in Abingdon, and a friend works there.

It seems to work OK, but apart from not being annoying, it's usually very difficult for an ordinary user to evaluate an AV system if you don't get infected. In fact I have been infected once, and it was too new a virus/rootkit for Sophos to find - but then neither did the other two AV products I tried before deleting it by hand. Sophos were very helpful when I rang them up and had an update the next day.

But I have Sophos through work. I just checked their web site and I think they are only for business, with the cheapest license being for 5 users at £133. So I wouldn't recommend it for a home PC.