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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Yes. This.


We were considering sending this to various of family. THey would not get it though.
(Only yesterday, K was the recipient of "huh, call yourself a computer expert" because he does not know why his grandmother's Skype won't connect to him)
There is that risk, I suppose. I'm thinking of printing it out and sticking it next to our classroom computer :)



are you trying to tell me something?

I find this works better: Can't do something? ........ask daughter (daughter out gallivanting) ....... ask son (son out drinking)......ask husband but tune out of extended explanation. I find this invariably works.

None of the above works swear and find s book to read!

Bear in mind I bought the commodore 64 there's got to be some reward.

mum xxxxxxx

Re: flowchart

I'm guilty of having once asked someone (help desk staff) to do this for me, watched them do it, and hence worked out (i.e. seen in action as they took over control on my screen) the algorithm/flow chart. (and went, d'oh, sorry, I could've done that, silly me, internally while saying 'gee, thanks!' externally).

and then felt even worse when the confirmation email of the call and (slightly later, typing time) an email confirming its resolution came though 15 minutes (and 16 minutes) later, after they had filled in all the ticky boxes on what they had been spending their time on.

Edited at 2009-08-24 08:13 pm (UTC)
in my defense, my first question was 'do you happen to know how to do x', rather than 'can you spend 30 minutes looking though menus which might lead us in the direction of finding out how to do x.'

But in retrospect, even if they had happened to know and could have answered me immediately, they, it becomes apparent, would still have had to fill in 15 minutes-worth of forms saying that I had asked that. and another minute saying that they had said 'you do y'.
This kind of thing really annoys me. If I ask tech support/computer literate friend "Do you know how to do this?" I am expecting the answer yes (and then tell me) or no. I do not want them to follow this algorithm - I can do this myself.

that's probably not what other people mean though

because a lot of other people can't or don't or won't follow that algorithm. I think it's understandable when help desk staff do this; computer-literate friends a little less so.

Re: that's probably not what other people mean though

Yeah, and some help desks will get cross with you if you put that into your case resolution fields :) Have to actually do the helping.

Re: that's probably not what other people mean though

One of the good things about working in a University Physics department is that they assume that will have followed this algorithm.
Strictly speaking I don't think they necessarily would have had to fill in all the forms just for advice; but ITSD is keen on stats and success stories so there is a certain encouragement to solve the problem and then fill in the stats tooty sweety.