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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

I absolutely love these things! The PTA used to sell them to raise money at my school and we would all sit around on a Sunday evening going "7 C of the R" and "1760 Y in a M". So far I have got 27 on my own and another 4 with a little discussion with Mum. Am possibly too addicted to go home before finishing the last two.

edit: Finished them with a consult from Alex & Mum. Always more fun with someone to talk it over :) What are those puzzles called anyway?


Sign into GTalk so we can compare notes! I've got the first 27...

It's a bit American

I got 19 before stopping. Once I twigged a certain theme (hint - religion) that helped.
I got only 23 of them after looking it over for ten minutes or so. But I disagree with the scoring system; a lot of these answers are culturally bent and ethnocentric, many geared towards U.S. folks. =P Not everyone has necessarily heard of "Three Blind Mice" (spoiler; highlight to display).
I would say Western culture generally rather than US specifically but I take your point. Still fun though.
there are questions about flags and measuring systems that are pretty US-specific. The one that specifically promises to be not culturally-biased is a bit less so, to be fair, but the others aren't.
I think most of my class know the flag one and we teach the measures, hence my qualifications. I didn't expect the USians to find the cricket ones as easy to get as we would either
The next level is to create your own. You could do them SF themed.

(I have an ulterior motive: the Geek quiz is in a few weeks' time and questions that are fun and can be done by anyone are always in short supply.)