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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Trying to get my online life tidied up a bit - am going to try to start journalling a little bit more and I wonder if a change of scene would help that a little so I might start posting on DW and cross posting here. With that in mind I thought I'd better check on the state of play...

Are you on DW?

Yes, and the content is identical to here
Yes, and the content is a superset of here (i.e. DW contains extra posts)
Yes, and the content is a subset of here (i.e. LJ contains extra posts)
Yes and my account is disjunct with here (i.e. they both contain different things)
No, but I want one - gimme invite code!
No and currently I have no plans to get one.

My DW account name is


I sit in the "I have one and I don't use it. LJ's my home" category! I guess I could pick the "LJ contains extra posts" option, but it's not really extra when the other service doesn't get used at all.
I suppose you could describe them as disjunct with one of them being empty :) I did realise after I posted that some people would probably want that option, but not before. Ah well. I wish someone would introduce editing polls as a feature!
Yeah, this describes me as well.
Me likewise.
This is me as well.
Similar answer here...I imported stuff into DW and used only it for a while, then I stopped using it and came back to LJ. So yes there is some different content, but it's not like I'm actively posting to both and making them different on purpose.
Same here.
This, yep. Don't see that changing.
I haven't figured out how I'm going to be using my accounts yet. I'm thinking I'm probably going to post more to LJ than DW at the moment, but subject to change etc. Then again, I haven't really updated since October, so it's not a big deal either way.
I like DW, but inertia and a permanent account here means that I'll probably stay at least until something happens on LJ that is enough catalyst to actually leave.

I do use DW to read, fwiw.
and by "the content is different" I mean I don't really use my DW account for anything right now, so there's about 3 posts in it.
I post where it occurs to me. Sometimes in one place, sometimes the other, sometimes in both. But I rarely post anyway.
I'm guessing needing to ask what DW means counts as a no ;-)