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charlie, computer cat

March 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Have finally fixed my tinyjo.net email (needed to be reconfigured by tech support) so if you've sent me any email to that in the last month that I need to see, please resend! Anything to or via LJ goes straight to gmail so that was fine.

Have been catching up on my friends page and there is lots of stuff about this year's Vegas trip. It all seems very... formal this year. I'm sure I don't remember having to fill this many forms out when I first went. Still, it should be fun, and I get my annual drive in a convertible :)

SATS are going OK in a sort of fatalistic way. Today is a really odd day because they've had writing tests all morning and then this afternoon I have my NQT time, so I haven't really done any teaching. Ah well, gives me a chance to catch up with marking after staff meeting.

I seem to have been invited to an ICT co-ordinators meeting in Second Life, which rather amused me. I'm downloading the software now and we'll see what all the fuss is about...


Yeah, I like the idea of having lots of stuff organized, and I like to book for important things, but I want most of my time free so I can just show up and decide at the last minute who I am hanging out with and what I am doing.

On the other hand, last year, there were lots of posts about roller skating and zip lining, and other stuff that I'm not sure got done, or that I didn't pay attention to or something. It may just be the timing of everything?
Should we book some hug time in advance :)
Actually, I did want to know - you guys are not getting to LA until almost midnight on Friday, right? Are you driving straight over?

(I am expecting to get a hug the first time I see you; I got that last year, it is a guarantee this year. And then I will just keep on stealign you away :D)
We're arriving in LA at 7:30pm and then driving straight over, so I expect we'll be at the house in the region of 11:30pm if the drive time from last year is anything to go by. And if clouds of ash do not keep me on my home shore :(

(Feel free to stealzor :))
AHA. I thought that 11:30 was plane time, not +driving time.

See you in 10 days <3