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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

Have now completed 1/10 of my reports. I've actually *written* slightly more than that, as I've also written all the maths reports and copied in the French and music from those teachers. Still, feels like miles to go! No fun for me until it's all done :( It's quite hard to plow through because a lot of it is quite dull to write and I expect half of it won't be read, but still, there is a value there, I guess. If I wasn't having to faff around with Word at the same time, that would be better - I might write some software for it next time.


I might write some software for it next time.

You need a summer project anyway, right? <3 (I am now picturing you writing little checkboxes that will generate you relevant sentences.)

10% is not bad though, is it? It's only Saturday evening, and this is starting Friday? And as you said, you're a little further than that. But urgh, dullness makes everything feel longer and take longer.
True - I was supposed to start earlier though :) I am supposed to be finished by Friday and so I'm aiming for 9 today, 10 tomorrow and divide the rest up over the evenings next week.

And yay summer projects :)
My important questions are:

Hardest ones in the middle? So you get the momentum from the easy ones, but aren't dreading them for the end?

Or do you do them somewhat randomly?

Or should I stop interrupting?
I am doing them alphabetically by first name (i.e. the order of the files in my reports directory) because that way I won't try to wriggle out of the hard ones and leave them to the end :)
Do statemented children get reports? I'm just curious about that, because we have the whole, giant, annual review thing every year...
Yeah, as far as I know, they still get regular reports as well.
What are your reports for? End of year for the students? Either way, I don't envy you...
Yeah, end of year reports to go home to the parents of my kids. Hence you have to be very diplomatic about the way you phrase things :)
You could make stock answers so that next year you can just copy and paste the applicable feedback to save yourself some typing... ;)
Except apparently the parents compare the reports sometimes! :D

The teacher I worked with last year did that anyway. Lots of copy and paste.
I know my students compare their grades/feedback (I do college teaching haha), and it doesn't stop me from using stock answers... ;) I actually think they appreciate the consistency in grading.

Then again, this is a little different since I don't think there are grades being assigned where you have to make sure you take off the same number of points for the same mistakes. I also don't deal with the parents who all want to believe their children are very special -- just the students who have been brought up to believe that they are special.
I think that's just it. I am certain parents want to believe that every child is a special flower who gets individualised attention. (Which they do, but just how many different ways are there to say something?)

My teachers had it easy at school, comparatively! They may have had to do report cards 4 times a year but there was only a small space for a comment at the bottom, not one for every subject!!
Yeah, our school system was the same way. Clearly Jo gets the short end of the stick.
As far as I know, it's the system UK-wide, tho I wonder if it was different when she was a kid?
As far as I remember, it was pretty similar - short paragraph for each subject.