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charlie, computer cat

April 2019



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charlie, computer cat

I am starting to realise that if you read my reports in bulk, you would get quite a strong picture of me as a teacher. You would notice for example, that I am much more likely to notice good or bad attitude to a subject in a subject that I myself have strong feelings about. Most students come out as having an average attitude to geography, according to me. You would be able to tell that, for example, in R.E. one of the attributes that I value most is tolerance. In science, I've tended to note lack of meticulousness. In art, willingness to try things out.

Maybe that's why the heads read them all.


That's actually one of those things that I always find interesting, to get a picture of someone based not just on what they have to say about things, but on how they react to others reactions, and also what they don't say and how they don't react. I try to notice these things about me too - what do do I listen to well? What makes me unreasonably defensive? What do I value and find interesting?

This has been especially on my mind lately, partly because of various things that are always showing up in certain discussions, partly because of watching friends' private accusations of people making a big deal out of something (like how some omnivores assume that all vegans are about to launch into a diatribe at any moment), and partly just because of things I've been doing or thinking.

Which is also how I think it's interesting how vague I'm being about all of those things. huh. Well, I shall leave my ramble in your hands <3
Yeah, it's always nice to find another way to get a perspective on yourself. I was surprised that I also noticed things about subjects I had a poor attitude to, but in retrospect, that makes perfect sense.

As you can see, now I have finished, I have brain space for replying to comments again :)